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Books #1-6 Bundle Set - DIGITAL

Books #1-6 Bundle Set - DIGITAL

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PLEASE note shipping times.

Sadly, Jami's grandmother passed away this week. We had to scramble to get our Spring bookstore opening launched before leaving for Pennsylvania for the funeral (from Oklahoma). We will be out of town until 3/13.

As soon as we get home, Jason will begin shipping ALL orders and should have them all out within about a week. But please be aware that your order will not ship out until Mid-March! Thank you for all the prayers!

When to get this bundle: If you are brand new to the Sterling Spectacles books and want to dive in with the first 6, then this digital bundle is for you! 

You'll get the digital versions of books #1-6 which include the PDF, Kindle file, AND the audiobooks of all 6 books read by Jason!


Jason's debut children's book series is here! 

Discover the 63 National Parks

Join the Sterling Family, as they travel to all 63 National Parks in the U.S. and discover the history, science, and nature of our great nation. Theo & Titus Sterling discover mysterious spectacles and are given the task of saving the National Parks. Your whole family will enjoy this fun & quirky fiction series while you all learn together. 

Age Range: We've designed this series to be an excellent read aloud for the whole family. Kids ages 12 and under will enjoy it most (although we've heard from teens who loved listening in too!). The books are early chapter books and are good for reading independently for grades 2-3 and above.

To homeschool families: We are a very Charlotte Mason family here. We didn't want to produce twaddle. We wanted a series that would enrich and challenge your kids. So you'll notice more advanced vocabulary and nature concepts - this is on purpose! We want these books to be a jumping off point for further research and education, all done in a fun and exciting way! 😍

Book #1: Adventure in Yosemite National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling are traveling around the United States and exploring the National Parks with their family. Everything is going well until a mysterious man finds them in Yosemite and sets them on a mysterious quest to save the National Parks. Traveling through forests, valleys, and even time itself, the Sterling twins are on an adventure to explore nature, experience history, and solve a mystery or two."

If you want to preview the first 3 chapters of the eBook or Audiobook before you buy, you can do so here

Book #2: Mayhem in Mt. Rainier National Park 

"Theo and Titus Sterling were given a quest to save the National Parks by a nameless stranger shrouded in mystery. Now, as they are exploring Mt. Rainier National Park, will they encounter the stranger again? With the aid of their curious spectacles, the Sterling twins must escape a protective mama bear, survive an erupting volcano, and follow the clues to find the next piece of the puzzle."

Book #3: Encounter in Olympic National Park

"Titus and Theo Sterling are traveling through Washington with their family, and find themselves in Olympic National Park. They are still committed to helping John Muir with his mission to save the National Parks, even when they hit some snags along the way. They will have to explore a rainforest, avoid drowning in the ocean, and navigate a confrontation with indigenous tribes, all with the help of their trusty spectacles."

Book #4: Mission in North Cascades National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling are still searching for a missing document that the mysterious John Muir has tasked them with finding. As they explore North Cascades National Park, they keep finding themselves derailed by strange problems as they continue their quest to save the National  Parks. They must navigate through the park and even canoe down the river as they seek to solve the mystery and locate the missing information.

Book #5: Disaster in Glacier National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling are exploring the majestic Glacier National Park with their family. Their uneventful tour of this mountainous gem in northwestern Montana is interrupted by a series of horrible images that envision Glacier as a wasteland, devoid of its natural beauty and stripped of its charm. The twins, along with their trusty spectacles, must navigate the glaciers as well as time itself to prevent the disastrous visions from coming true."

Book #6: Training in Crater Lake National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling are experiencing the beautiful Oregon wilderness with their family for the first time. During their exploration of Crater Lake National Park by foot and by boat, they find themselves launched into the past and tasked once again with rescuing the national parks from certain demise. Together, they must locate an artifact and train with astronauts, not to mention research and write the most important essay of their lives."

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