Collection: Dress of the Quarter Club: Intentionally Build Your Wardrobe

I've been slowly working on transforming my own closet the past few years. Getting rid of so much stuff that just doesn't fit anymore after 7 babies, downsizing to only pieces I love, and most importantly, investing in everyday wear dresses that I LOVE and wear daily. 

I had the brilliant idea, of curating a dress for you each quarter to help you build your wardrobe. We are trying out this idea of A Dress of the Quarter. If it goes well (i.e. we get enough dresses to justify our time and investment into it), then we will do another one in the Fall. 

My goal is to vary up the dresses, the colors, the length, neckline, etc so that I can try to hit a lot of different tastes! It's so hard to please everyone, but I'm gonna try ;) 

This will be the ONLY time these dresses and the slip are offered. If we do this again, next quarter will feature a new dress and another staple wardrobe piece (such as a long cardigan to match the dress...I'm just speculating)! ;) 

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