Temporary Shop Opening! Next BIG shop opening 3/27!! Please read the details below 😍

I've got a special shop opening for you today - make sure to read the details!!!

Our next big shop opening will be 3/27 and we will be releasing NEW products!! It's going to be so much fun.

BUT many of you have been requesting the ability to purchase my cookbook before then.

You can just purchase the digital version of the cookbook at any time. However, when you purchase the physical copy of the cookbook you also get access to the digital version for FREE!! So understandably, many of you are wanting to purchase the physical copy of the cookbook now, to be shipping in our next store opening, so you can at least access the digital copy today.

So here's the solution I came up with: We have about 50 cookbooks in stock right now. If you purchase in the first 50 orders, we will ship out your cookbook this week (all of our Sterling Spectacles books are currently in stock right now as well so those would ship too)!!

Otherwise, you can order this week and we will hold your order for the March/April shop opening. You WILL Get access TODAY to the digital versions of every book you order. And then your physical copy will ship during out next shop opening. You won't get your physical copy until the last week of April or the first week of May! So just be aware of that!!

When our new shop opens on March 27th, we will have some INCREDIBLE NEW resources for sale. If you want to place an additional order then for our new material, I will give you a coupon code for that order to ring up with FREE SHIPPING. This way, you'll only pay shipping once :) PLUS, all orders over $75 (US orders) ship free anyway with code: FREESHIP. International orders can use code FREESHIPINT for free shipping on orders over $200!

Confused as to what to order? I can help!

We've got a few moving pieces with these books, which I know can be confusing. So if you are not sure what to order, read through this!

The Sterling Spectacles Book Series: This is Jason's debut children's book series. It follows the Sterling Family as they travel around the United States and visit all 63 National Parks. Books #1-4 follow their adventures in the first 4 parks they visit. Jason plans on writing a book for each of the 63 National Parks.

Today, you can order the PRINT version of each book that we will mail out to you in the next few weeks. BRAND NEW as of June 2022: When you order the print version of any of our books, you'll ALSO get the eBook + Audiobook versions for FREE!

We also offer just the digital verions (eBook + Audiobook) to buy seprately if you don't want the print verions or you live in another country (we would like to be able to explore international shipping in the near future)!

The Adventure Guides: While the Sterling Spectacles books are a fun fictional series that gives you adventure, we also want this series to be educational. Adventure into the National Parks with the Sterling Family and learn a ton along the way. If you are a homeschool family, or just want to learn together, then the Adventure Guides are the perfect companion.

Each Adventure Guide is written to be read after reading each book. It's still fun, but we dive into the real history and science of each National Park. We explore the history, the flora, the fauna, important events that have happened in the area, and each Adventure Guide features a section at the end with our family's tips for visiting the park yourself if you ever get the chance! We offer these in print and digital as well.

Bundle sets: If you want to get the best price and jump right in. Our bundle sets will give you everything you need!!

About Jami & Jason

We run the blog Finding Joy in Your Home (previously Young Wife's Guide) and are excited to bring our brand new bookstore to life! We are working on growing and expanding our bookstore and we are so excited to see where 2023 and beyond takes us. We have grand dreams of opening a bookstore year round with a dozen+ titles and all kinds of fun merch to match. But we have to start slow and build up to there. So thank you so much for supporting the beginnings of our dreams for this. We have some really fun things in store for 2022-2023 😍 Stay tuned.