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Announcing FIVE new releases for preorder!

We've secretly been working on some new projects the last few months and I am SO excited to finally share with you. We have FIVE new books available for preorder.

I've been working all year on my next book, A Christian's Guide to Natural Living. I am also launching a new series of guides: Homemaking How To and it kicks off with two volumes: How to Grind Your Own Grains & How to Brew Kombucha. And finally, Jason is finishing up the first TWO theology pocket guides on Baptism and Headcovering.

Help us with the final push of editing and ordering by preodering these today! As a HUGE thank you for supporting our bookstore, all preorders will receive the eBook & audiobook versions of the books for free! These will be emailed out before the print version just as soon as the final edits are done!

These books will ship out sometime in Summer 2024. As we progress in the editing procress we will give you better estimates. Our best estimate now is they will ship out in 6-8 weeks!

PREORDER: A Christian's Guide to Natural Living

How to live a non-toxic life without losing your soul.

Introducing Jami's newest book all about natural living! Jami has been on her healthy living journey for 12+ years now. She's seen natural fads come and go and has learned how to take baby steps towards healthier living...but with a twist!

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PREORDER: How to: Grind Your Own Grains

Introducing my brand new Homemaking How-To Series! Small guides for various homemaking tasks and activities. Collect them all to build an extensive homemaking library for all ages. 

The first in a ground breaking new series, How to Grind Your Own Grains is your pocket guide to transforming your kitchen and your flour! 

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PREORDER: How to: Brew Your Own Kombucha

The first in a ground breaking new series, How to Brew Your Own Kombucha is your pocket guide to starting and mastering kombucha in your own kitchen!

Brewing kombucha can feel so intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. In this practical guide, Jami covers everything you need to know to start brewing your own kombucha. You'll find out all the tools you need, how to get started, and how to set up a system to brew it as often or as little as you want! You'll also get all their family favorite kombucha flavoring recipes. 

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PREORDER: Your Pocket Guide to Baptism

This book is a concise yet comprehensive exploration of Christian baptism. It delves into the theological significance of baptism, examining its meaning and its role in the faith. It covers the different modes of baptism, such as immersion, pouring, and sprinkling, and discusses the varying viewpoints on who should be baptized—infants, believers, or both. With clear explanations and comparisons, this guide aims to provide readers with a thorough understanding of the various views of baptism, and a list of recommended resources so they can dig deeper.

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PREORDER: Your Pocket Guide to Headcovering

This book is a succinct and informative examination of the practice of head-covering within the Christian tradition. It explores the historical and biblical foundations of head-covering, presenting the various interpretations and theological arguments for and against its practice. It provides an overview of different stances on the issue and discusses whether head-covering is relevant for modern believers. With balanced insights and clear explanations, this book aims to help readers understand the differing perspectives on head-covering and its relevance in the Church today.

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