Collection: Sterling Spectacles Book Series

Get books #1-6 of Jason's incredible fiction series for kids all about the National Parks. Follow the Sterling family as they visit all 63 National Parks in the United States, based off of the Balmet Family's real life travels. Make sure to also check out the Adventure Guide's for each book/park. TERRIFIC for homeschool families to dive in deeper with the National Parks and our amazing country.

The Sterling Spectacles are written with the family in mind. As such, they make wonderful read alouds for the entire family. Kids young and old will enjoy the thrilling adventure. It's about at a 3-4th grade reading level. ALL print orders come with free access to the PDF, kindle version, AND the audiobook!! 

You could read the books stand alone. But they are meant to be read as a series in order and have a strong through line story! They are best enjoyed in order.