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All About Bees Activity Box

All About Bees Activity Box

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Please note shipping times: This is our Summer Shop Opening and we operate on a pre-order system. All orders will remain open until Friday, July 21st. After that, we will place our bulk orders with our printers for all materials. Orders will begin shipping out the the last week of July and into the first week of August. 

We have designed a companion activity box to go along with unit #1: Hands-On Homesteading. You can use the activity boxes completely on their own but the topics are designed to fit in perfectly with the units.

While designed to be fun and interactive for kids, adults will enjoy the practical and hands-on projects included as well! The box comes with enough supplies to make 4 candles and 4 sticks of chap stick so it's perfect for the whole family. 

Our first activity box is All about bees! In the Create & Explore Magazine, the Sterling Family teaches you how to make homemade candles and chapstick, gives you a new story about the power going out on the homestead, 2 engaging articles about how bees make wax and beekeeping in history, another fun bee project idea, additional resources, AND an amazing video you get from an expert beekeeper all about keeping bees on a family homestead!

In each activity box, you'll get all the hands-on tools and materials you need to learn these real life skills.  And while the boxes are perfect for K-6th, teens and adults will also LOVE the real life skill focus of these boxes. Each one features real things we are making and doing, like making candles and chapstick, not just cutesy crafts you throw away the next day!

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