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The Home Beautiful - J.R. Miller

The Home Beautiful - J.R. Miller

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I am so excited to announce that the first two books in our Finding Joy Classic Reprints series is here! Jason and I are undertaking the giant task of printing our own set of classics. 

In each volume you'll find an introduction by either Jason or Jami, focusing on why they chose this classic to be part of the series. 

The Home Beautiful is a collection of essays by J.R. Miller written in the late 1800s. J.R. Miller was a Presbyterian pastor who author many books. Most of those focused on practical, Christian daily life. 

Essays include: 

  • The Wedded Life
  • The Husband's 
  • The Wife's Part
  • The Parents' Part
  • The Children's Part
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • The Home Life
  • Forbearing One Another 
  • About Temper
  • The Blessing of Quietness 
  • Religion in the Home
  • Uniting with the Church 
  • Transformed by Beholding
  • Being Christians on Weekdays 
  • Shall we Worry?
  • Living Victoriously
  • Shut In
  • Coming to the End

Along with your print copy of The Home Beautiful, you will also get the audio version read by Jason. Audio versions will be delivered in 2 weeks. 

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