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Adventure Guides Books #1-6 Bundle Set - PRINT

Adventure Guides Books #1-6 Bundle Set - PRINT

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When to get this bundle: If you want to get everything out of the Sterling Spectacles series that you can, and blend fun and learning together, then this Adventure Guide bundle is for you! 

You'll get the print versions of the Adventure Guides for books #1-6 AS well as the digital versions for free. You'll get all the eBook files as well as the audiobooks read by Jason! 


The truly magical thing about this book series is how it blends a fun and quirky fiction adventure story with learning and sparking a curiosity about the world in your kids. You will learn about how the National Parks were formed, the nature, science, and history of each National Park and more! 

So when you are reading, you are going to wonder what is real and what is fiction in the series. You are going to wonder if Teddy Roosevelt really said that. You'll be inspired to check out the real places within the parks. And you'll want to know more about the nature and science that the twins encounter. 

You might even want to visit that park for yourself one day and want to know all the best tips and hikes with kids. Well, we've got you covered.

Whether you are a homeschooling family, or you just have some curious kids who love to learn, our NEW print version of the Adventure Guide is just for you!

The Adventure Guide for each book gives you all of that. We will dive into the formation of each park, sorting through the fact and fiction of each book, and learn more exciting things about the flora and fauna of each park. You'll even learn more about the growth of our great country in the process. We will also have a section in the book for those visiting the park in person with all of our tips for visiting. 


NOW, get the digital files for FREE with your print order! 

To give you the most we very can, we are now offering the digital versions of all books for FREE when you order the print books. So when you order the print version of the Adventure Guide, you'll also get the audiobook (read by Jami), the kindle file, and the PDF eBook - all included with your print book order!

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