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4 book bundle: Cookbook Volume 2: From Scratch Pantry Staples - PRINT

4 book bundle: Cookbook Volume 2: From Scratch Pantry Staples - PRINT

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Do you want to get this cookbook for every woman in your life? I get it. I already have a huge list of women I want to send this too! With this bundle you can buy 4 copies and save 15%!! This makes each copy just $33.99. Order extras for Christmas presents or go in on this with 3 of your girlfriends and split the price.  PLUS you will get free shipping!! Just use coupon code: FREESHIP for orders over $75 (United States) or free shipping on orders over $200 for international orders use code: FREESHIPINT

It's here!! Preorders are open for the second volume of my cookbook series, Finding Joy in Your Kitchen. This volume is focused on From Scratch Pantry Staples! And it is PACKED with incredible recipes.  

You are going to find 119 recipes for making ALL the things you want in a from scratch kitchen pantry. You'll make the healthiest, most delicious creations (many of them in 5 minutes or less)! 

The cookbook is part recipes and part teaching guide. Just like in the first cookbook, this volume gives you all the knowledge and teaching you need to know as well!! Here's what we cover: 

  • Introduction:  Taking your kitchen to the next level
  • Chapter 1:   The Benefits of Making Pantry Staples from Scratch
  • Chapter 2:  Practical How-Tos of From Scratch Pantry Staples
  • Chapter 3:  Choosing All the Right Ingredients
  • Chapter 4:  Herbs & Seasonings Cheat Sheets

And the 100+ recipes are broken into these fabulous categories: 

  1. Condiments
  2. Salad Dressings 
  3. Dry Mixes 
  4. Drinks 
  5. Seasonings 
  6. Sweet Treats 
  7. Other pantry staples

I will have the full table of contents coming for you next week. But for now, here's a very small sneak peek at the recipes inside those categories. All of the recipes are focused on how to make them from scratch, without a ton of time, are healthy and use whole, real ingredients, AND that taste better than any store bought version you could ever buy!! (OH! and save money in the process!)

Condiments: 5 minute ketchup, mayo, 4 different kinds of mustard, tartar sauce, Worcestershire sauce, teriyaki sauce, BBQ sauce, and so much more. 

Salad Dressings: This section contains all the most amazing salad dressings you could imagine: Creamy avocado dressing, buttermilk ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, Italian dressing, blue cheese dressing, garlic parmesan caesar, and more. 

Dry Mixes: Make your life simple with from scratch dry mixes that give you the convenience of store bought boxed items but better tasting and healthier! Recipes include: Brownie mix, biscuit mix, pancake mix, onion soup mix, hot chocolate mix, and more. 

Drinks: From scratch drinks are so fun. Our family LOVES this section. It includes homemade caramel frappe, Peppermint mocha, honey sweetened lemonade, blackberry lime tea, and more. 

Seasonings: No pantry cookbook would be complete without an entire section on how to make every single seasoning blend you could ever need: pumpkin pie spice, Mexican blend, Italian seasoning, and everything else!! 

Sweet Treats: Did you know that you can make the most incredible homemade caramel sauce? What about a replacement for Hershey's chocolate syrup? Have you ever wanted to make homemade marshmallows? You'll learn all of these and so many more. 

Other pantry staples: I couldn't think of a fun catch all title for this section, so it's just the rest of the amazing recipes that you need including: homemade vanilla extract, pickles, jam, oven fries, powdered sugar, marinara sauce, ghee, tallow, and a zillion other incredible recipes. 

As always, each and every recipe (other than the seasonings since you literally just mix those together ;)) contains a QR code on the recipe page. Just scan that code to open up  a page to watch a video on how to make that recipe. NOTE: Video recipes are almost all filmed (about 95% of them). But we have a giant back log of getting those processed and posted. Cookbook #1 is nearly 100% done with those videos and then the backlog will get to cookbook #2. I wish they were all 100% ready to go now...but be patient. They are coming!!!!

This listing is for the print, spiral bound version of the cookbook. It comes with a beautiful cover and FULL COLOR throughout. All print copies get free access as well to the digital version (PDF). 

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