Collection: New Releases

Our bookstore is expanding in a big way this summer and we need your help! Here you can find all of our new releases that are for preorder. They will ship sometime in Sumemr 2024 and we will give you updates as it gets closer. You can likely expect your books in the next 4-6 weeks! Digital editions will be sent out before hand as soon as they are ready. 

Jason is working really hard to expand our team. We need to bring on more book editors, audiobook editors, and we even want to bring on more authors. But in order to do that, we need bigger quantities of our books sold at a time. So this summer, we are setting FIVE new books to preorder so you can help us do just that! Be the first to get your hands on these new books - and get the ebook and audiobook version as a preorder bonus - by preordering this summer! THANK YOU!!