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Your Pocket Guide to Baptism

Your Pocket Guide to Baptism

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Preorder BONUS: Help us achieve our goal this summer of hiring new team members so we can do even more in our bookstore! When you preorder one of our 5 new books, you are greatly helping this endeavor. As a thank you, all preorders of the print books will also receive the eBook & Audiobook versions of each book as a FREE thank you! These will be sent out of the print books as soon as the files are done! 

Introducing Jason's brand new series: Jumpstart Theology! Each pocket guide will feature a different theological topic in which Jason clearly lays out what that topic or doctrine is, the varying viewpoints, and resources for learning more.

While Jason holds to distinct theological positions (and will tell you what positions he holds), he is writing each Jumpstart guide to be an introduction to the topic. While studying these topics deeply himself, he found it frustrating that there were no simple introduction books on these topics. 

Yes, there are introduction books on these topics that hold to varying view points. But what if you want to approach the topic of baptism as a beginner? What if you would like an overview of all the viewpoints and how they differ from each other. What if you want a high level overview (that is very conversational and easy to read) so you can begin to study this topic? That's exactly what these Jumpstart guides are for! 

While presenting each view as unbiasedly as he can, Jason will also point you to fantastic resources for each view for further study yourself. Jason is taking years of study and from reading hundreds of books to distill all the info into very easy-to-read, beginner guides! Great for entire families to read together and for teens even to read on their own. 

Your Pocket Guide to Baptism

This book is a concise yet comprehensive exploration of Christian baptism. It delves into the theological significance of baptism, examining its meaning and its role in the faith. It covers the different modes of baptism, such as immersion, pouring, and sprinkling, and discusses the varying viewpoints on who should be baptized—infants, believers, or both. With clear explanations and comparisons, this guide aims to provide readers with a thorough understanding of the various views of baptism, and a list of recommended resources so they can dig deeper.


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