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How to: Grind Your Own Grains - DIGITAL

How to: Grind Your Own Grains - DIGITAL

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Preorder BONUS: Help us achieve our goal this summer of hiring new team members so we can do even more in our bookstore! When you preorder one of our 5 new books, you are greatly helping this endeavor. With the digital listing, you'll get both the eBook and the Audiobook version! They will be sent out in 4-6 weeks as the books are finalized. 

Introducing my brand new Homemaking How-To Series! Small guides for various homemaking tasks and activities. Collect them all to build an extensive homemaking library for all ages. 

The first in a ground breaking new series, How to Grind Your Own Grains is your pocket guide to transforming your kitchen and your flour! 

In this practical guide, Jami covers everything you need to know to start grinding your own grains plus you'll get 15 bonus recipes for getting started. You'll also get conversion charts and handy how-tos that you'll flip open to again and again as you learn to bake with freshly ground grains. 

Table of contents: 

Introduction: Why would you want to grind your own grains? 
Chapter 1: Choosing the right grain mill for your family
Chapter 2: Choosing what type of grains to use for what recipes
Chapter 3: What about gluten free? 
Chapter 4: Where to source and buy your grains 
Chapter 5: Converting family favorite recipes into freshly ground grains 
Chapter 6: Using your grain mill for the first time 
Chapter 7: Maintenance and upkeep
Chapter 8: Making quick breads with 5 recipes 
Chapter 9: Making yeast breads with 5 recipes
Chapter 10: Making desserts with 5 recipes
Jami's closing Q&A

Introducing my new series: Homemaking How-To

Over the course of this year, we will slowly be building out this series. Here's the line up of our first guides we are working on: 

  • How to Grind Your Own Grains - Coming Summer 2024
  • How to Brew Your Own Kombucha - Coming Summer 2024
  • How to Build a Bulk Pantry 
  • How to Water Bath Can
  • How to Pressure Can
  • How to Start & Make Sourdough

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