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A Christian's Guide to Natural Living

A Christian's Guide to Natural Living

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How to live a non-toxic life without losing your soul

Introducing Jami's newest book all about natural living! Jami has been on her healthy living journey for 12+ years now. She's seen natural fads come and go and has learned how to take baby steps towards healthier living. 

As she watches the natural trends today, she's concerned at the lack of balance. Learning how to live a healthier lifestyle is absolutely worthwhile. You can serve the Lord and serve your family in huge and wonderful ways by being a good steward of your family's health. 

In this step-by-step book, Jami shares how to transform your home to non-toxic options...with small, bite-size baby steps. But this concern over living in a healthy way can quickly become an idol for Christians. 

Jami also addresses how we need to view our healthy living journey all within the scope of God's sovereignty. We can follow God's lead in living more non-toxic while also recognizing that we are not the ones truly in control. 

This perspective is what leads you into making healthy changes with peace. We rest in peace knowing God is the one truly in control and we don't need to fret about each and every little tiny decision. God will see it all through to the end and we can heavily rest in that. 

You will walk away from this book feeling encouraged and empowered, not bogged down with more things to do that cause stress to your life.


  • An introduction to my story of healthy living
  • Why should Christians care about healthy living?
  • Keeping it all in perspective (relying on God’s sovereignty while obeying the Lord)
  • Ch 1: Starting with food 
  • Ch 2: The from-scratch world (and healthier alternatives to look for)
  • Ch 3: Your Kitchen
  • Ch 4: Your circadian rhythm & your hormones
  • Ch 5: A healthy home 
  • Ch 6: A healthy beauty routine
  • Ch 7: A healthy medicine cabinet
  • Ch 8: Babies and kids
  • Quick start guide (how to take it all and get started)

If you would prefer to order the digital only version, you can do so here! 

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