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Unit #1: Teacher's Guide - PRINT

Unit #1: Teacher's Guide - PRINT

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Please note shipping times: This is our Summer Shop Opening and we operate on a pre-order system. All orders will remain open until Friday, July 21st. After that, we will place our bulk orders with our printers for all materials. Orders will begin shipping out the the last week of July and into the first week of August. 

Welcome to our brand new project: The Sterling Spectacles Homeschool! Join the Sterling Family (as featured in the popular Sterling Spectacles book series!) as they take on the giant and exciting task of building their homestead from scratch. 

You will get to join them as they buy their property, think through electricity options and water sources, buying animals and building barns, planting a garden and preserving the harvest, cooking, baking, and so much more! And your family gets to learn along the way. 

If you have any interest in real life, modern homesteading, then these new units and accompanying activity boxes are for you! 

Throughout the units, not only will you learn all about modern day homesteading, you will also find an emphasis on real life, real world skills that can be passed down to future generations. Let's dive into this exciting new project:

As homeschoolers, we want to provide our children with a rich, deep, and vibrant education. 

We want them to learn their multiplication tables and how to write a solid paper. We hope they fall in love with reading and learn biology.

But another huge part of my educational goals for my children is helping them to learn real world skills. To learn how to pick up a hammer and some nails and make something new. To know how to bake bread and start a garden. Real, essential skills that they can carry on to the next generation one day. We want their vibrant book learning to meet rich real world skills that engage their mind and their hands.

But, with so much of our focus going to those essentials of reading, writing, and arithmetic, it can feel so hard to be intentional about the rest. As a homeschooling mom of 7 kids, I know this challenge well. You can have the best intentions but it can be so hard to figure out how to fit these additional skills in, or even know how to teach them.

Unit #1: Hands-On Homesteading

Each unit is broken down into 12 weeks (or 12 lessons). It’s designed to easily fit in with all your other homeschool endeavors.

Each week features 2 parts: The first part is the teaching, your lesson for the week. It has about 2-4 pages to read together, it features a brand new Sterling Spectacles short story about the family settling on their homestead, and includes a real life video, bringing the lessons to life! You will also get access to the full audio version of the story AND the teacher's guide so if you just want to hit play and have Jason read it to everyone while you drink your coffee, you can do that too!

The second part to each week is your project. You will get a fun project to work on each week to really tie the learning together. For example, week #2 is all about building off grid, and you’ll get to make your own DIY solar panel! In our first aid lesson, you’ll get to make your own herbal salve.

We include step by step pictures along with the tutorial, a supply list, AND a video of our family doing that project. So if you want to set your kids up with the video and let them work on the project themselves, you can!

Our aim is to be able to go deep into these essential topics, but also engaging and fun while being soo easy on the parents. It would also work excellently in a co-op setting!

The student notebook will give you a coloring page and an additional project for the week that your kid can work on throughout the lesson!

Table of Contents: 

Week 1

  • Lesson 1 - What is Homesteading?
  • Project - Homestead Diorama

Week 2

  • Lesson 2 - Homestead spotlight: The Off-Grid Homestead
  • Project - DIY Solar Oven

Week 3

  • Lesson 3 - Homestead spotlight: The Urban Homestead.
  • Project - Small Container Garden (Mini Painted Pots) 

Week 4

  • Lesson 4 - Homestead spotlight: The 2 Acre Homestead
  • Project - DIY Seed Markers 

Week 5

  • Lesson 5 - Homesteading Climates
  • Project - DIY Weather Vane Craft 

Week 6

  • Lesson 6 - Building on Your Homestead
  • Project - Build a Mini Planter Box

Week 7

  • Lesson 7 - Tools and Tractors
  • Project - Build a Tool Box 

Week 8

  • Lesson 8 - Work, Chores and Play for Kids
  • Project - Homemade Soap

Week 9

  • Lesson 9 - The Problem of Water
  • Project - Water Filtration Experiment

Week 10

  • Lesson 10 - The Problem of Shelter
  • Project - Basic Lean to Shelter

Week 11

  • Lesson 11 - First Aid
  • Project - Herbal Salve 

Week 12

  • Lesson 12 - You Can Be a Homesteader Too! (Tips for Self Sufficiency in Your Community)
  • Project - Organize a Local Co-op or Farmers Market with Friends 

Teacher's Guide:

This teacher's guide is all of your teaching for the 12 weeks. This is what you will read out of and guide the learning. When you purchase the print version, you will also get FREE access to the digital version AND the audiobook that Jason reads. 

Then you'll get a student's guide for each student you are teaching that they can work through throughout each lesson. 

Download a sample of our new curriculum! You'll get access to all of Lesson #1 to try it out!

Download it here:

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