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Unit #1: Student Notebook K-6th - PRINT

Unit #1: Student Notebook K-6th - PRINT

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PLEASE note shipping times.

Sadly, Jami's grandmother passed away this week. We had to scramble to get our Spring bookstore opening launched before leaving for Pennsylvania for the funeral (from Oklahoma). We will be out of town until 3/13.

As soon as we get home, Jason will begin shipping ALL orders and should have them all out within about a week. But please be aware that your order will not ship out until Mid-March! Thank you for all the prayers!

Please note shipping times: This is our Summer Shop Opening and we operate on a pre-order system. All orders will remain open until Friday, July 21st. After that, we will place our bulk orders with our printers for all materials. Orders will begin shipping out the the last week of July and into the first week of August. 

Each of your students will want a student notebook. It serves as an excellent place to color, take notes, or doodle while you read the lesson. And each week contains their assignments to follow along. 

This student notebook is designed for K-6th grade students. If you have an order student that you want to follow along, order them the adult notebook. It follows the same structure and lessons but with more advanced assignments. 


Download a sample of our new curriculum! You'll get access to all of Lesson #1 to try it out!

Download it here:

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