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Joy-Filled Home Planning System

Joy-Filled Home Planning System

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I've finally figure out my favorite way to plan!

Have you been trying to find the perfect planning system? Do you struggle with pre-made planners that don't offer you the customization you want? Or maybe you want to just try something new and see if it works better? 

Let me introduce you to my AMAZING and new planning system: The Joy-Filled Home Planning System

Please note: The sample books are printed as 8.5x5.5". So your final books you get will be slightly smaller and fit nice and neatly into your notebooks!! 

The Joy-Filled Home Planning System

It's made up of individual notebooks that each hold a different topic of your planning...and the customization and adaptability of this system is unlimited! 

I couldn't find the right solution for ME, so I CREATED one! 

After trying out different systems and spending way more than I want to admit on fancy planners, I felt like there wasn't a good planning system out there for me. So I started dabbling in bullet journaling type of planning and I LOVED it...

...the only problem was, it was WAY too much for me to keep up on. I didn't have the time to doodle custom pages for each day and month. I loved the idea of using a system like that but I needed something DONE for me and ready to use. 

So after two years of googling, trying to plan out my own with a pen and a ruler, and feel frustration with the results...I decided to create my own printables. And the rest is history. 

My planning system is finally right! And the best part is? When I head into a new season or find myself with slightly different planning needs...this system is highly customizable and flows with me. 

After years of trying out different methods and jumping between notebooks, I was introduced to the concept of Traveler's Notebooks. Basically a TN is a leather notebook cover that has bands inside. You then slip individual notebooks in those bands. And my brand new planning system revolves around those individual notebooks (don't worry if you feel lost right now with all these new terms, it's actually really easy and I have a bunch of videos to walk you through the process)!

Inside my Joy-Filled Home Planning System are these 6 individual notebooks: 

  • Weekly To-Dos
  • Daily To-Dos
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping
  • Finances
  • Price Book

My planning system is compact enough that I can carry it around with me in my purse and I always have EVERYTHING I need within arms reach including each week's meal plans, my grocery shopping lists, birthdays and anniversary dates, my daily to do list, my weekly priorities, my monthly calendar to keep track, even my monthly budget so I know right away if I should walk towards that sign that says "book sale today!"

Your 6 Notebooks Include:

Notebook #1

Weekly To-Dos: 

This is one of two options for keeping track of weekly or daily to-dos. For those who want a great week at a glance view, this notebook will be perfect! It features a weekly calendar on the left page and more detailed plans on the right including weekly priorities, notes, meal planner, habit tracker, and water intake recorder. 

Includes 23, 2 page weekly spreads. So one notebook will last 23 weeks of planning. 

Notebook #2

Daily To-Dos: 

If you need more room for your daily planning (like I do!) then you will fall in love with our daily to do notebook. It includes a full two page spread for each day with plenty of room for everything you need to plan (and check off)!

This notebook features a large space to write in all your to-dos for the day on the left hand side with more details on the right including important times, meal planner for the day, a gratitude journal spot, AND a space for your daily prayers. 

Includes 23, 2 page daily spreads. I do not need these full two page spreads every day. I do most of my planning in the weekly notebook. But I use these daily to-dos more as a project planner for those days when I really do NEED two full days to plan! 

Notebook #3

Monthly Calendar: 

No good planning system would be complete without a good monthly calendar. This simple notebook will be so helpful when planning out not only your calendar (there is a two page spread for each month) but also for planning out other monthly goals, reading lists, memories, bible study, and more with an additional two page spread for each month. You will also find a 12 month calendar on the last two pages to fill in all birthdays and anniversaries. 

Includes 2 page spread for recording anniversaries and birthdays for the year. Plus 11 monthly spreads that include 4 pages each. 

Notebook #4

Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping: 

You will fall in love with this notebook as you get more organized with your meal planning AND grocery shopping. Each week's worth of meal plans features a full calendar on the left side to plan out your meals and a handy grocery shopping list on the right side so you can fill it out as you go! 

Includes 23, 2 page spreads for weekly meal planning. So you can get 23 weeks of meal planning in one notebook. 

Notebook #5

Price Book: 

This has been my personal favorite new notebook to use because it has helped IMMENSELY when cutting back on our grocery budget while also trying to eat healthier and more nutritious food. This notebook has a simple layout but has been incredibly helpful in keeping track of prices and being able to know when something is rock bottom price!! 

Includes 23, 2 page spreads. So you can track 23 different categories or stores, depending on how you like to track (I track by category). 

Notebook #5


This is of course, another super helpful notebook! It has 3 unique 2-page spreads throughout the book. The first two pages of the book features four savings jars to help you keep track of your savings goals right now.

Then the next two 2-page spreads are repeated throughout the book for each month. The first 2-page spread features all your expense, bill, and income tracking and the second 2-page features a spending log to categorize and keep track of all expenses! 

Includes 2 page savings goals pages. Plus 11 months of finance planning, 4 pages each. 

We sell these notebooks as digital files as well. If you would prefer to purchase the digital files to be able to print again and again instead, you can do so here: 

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