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Do you love all of our resources and want the most out of it all for 20% off?! I'll make this easy for you. 

Press ADD TO CART on this listing and you'll get a physical copy of all the books in our bookstore - and 20% off!! PLUS you will get free shipping!! Just use coupon code: FREESHIP for orders over $75!

Here's what you'll get: 

  • Finding Joy in Your Kitchen Cookbook: Volume 1
  • She Laughs Without Fear by Jami Balmet
  • Sterling Spectacles books #1-4
  • Sterling Spectacles Adventure Guides #1-4

Please note: This is a PREORDER! 

In order to make the printing of this cookbook affordable (and not the $61.24 it costs to print single copies 😅), we are doing our first print run as a preorder. We will be collecting all orders 11/22-11/30. On 12/1, the cookbooks will be ordered from a local printer literally just town the road from us here in Oklahoma. We are SO excited to be working with a local printer this time, that literally supports a local family here in OK. 

Once they are done, we will pick them up and start shipping out. Our goal is to have all orders out for shipping by 12/15 but we will update you as it gets closer. All orders will arrive in time for Christmas 🥳

Order $75 or over and get free shipping! So grab some of Jason's books for children or get a couple of girlfriends together to do one order of multiple cookbooks! :) 

And as we are in this Christmas season, a HUGE HUGE thank you for supporting our small, family run business! YOU are what makes it possible to produce all of these resources. 

P.s. If you are excited about this cookbook, think about sharing this link on social media because we have SIX more volumes we want to produce and need your help spreading the word 😍 https://findingjoyshop.com/cookbookvolume1