Book #1: Bundle Set (Book + AG)

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Please note: This is a temporary shop opening. We have about 50 copies in stock ready to ship right now. After those 50 orders, ALL orders will be held until our next print run which will ship out the end of April. However, all digital files will be delivered within the next 24 hours. ALL orders of print books comes with the digital version for FREE!! So you can order now, enjoy the digital version of the book(s) and then get your print order delivered end of April/beginning of May!!

Get Book #1: Adventure in Yosemite National Park & The Adventure Guide for Book #1! You'll get the print versions of the book and the AG as well as ALL the digital files 

When to get this bundle: If you are brand new to The Sterling Spectacles world, then this bundle gives you everything you need to dive into book #1! If you are ready to dive into the first 2 books or even all 4 first books, then we have other better bundles. But if you want to just get book #1 bundle, then this is it! 

This bundle set gives you ALL the different files + the Adventure Guide. If you are ordering all of the books, look for our Ultimate Package for the best deal! 

To get the most out of the series, you will want to get the companion Adventure Guide. And you know your kids are going to want to relisten to the audiobook as they fall asleep at night. So with this bundle, you'll get everything you need! 

You'll get: 

  • Book #1 Print 
  • Book #1 eBook files 
  • Book #1 Audioboo
  • Book #1 Adventure Guide Print 
  • Book #1 Adventure Guide eBook 
  • Book #1 Adventure Guide Audiobook

P.s. If you are excited about this children's book series, think about sharing this link on social media because Jason has a TON more books he wants to write and we need your help spreading the word 😍